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Enviros Recruit Ratepayers Into Klamath Dam Fight

Environmental groups and an Indian tribe are stepping up pressure on Portland-based Pacific Power.  They’re recruiting utility ratepayers into a fight over dam removal on the Klamath River.  Correspondent Tom Banse reports.

Which is cheaper: upgrading four aging dams on the Klamath River or tearing them down?  Pacific Power wants to add fish ladders and keep its non-polluting electricity source.

Conservation groups and the Karuk Tribe argue that removing the dams and replacing the power is cheaper and better for the environment.  They’ve hired a community organizer, Jason Hatch, to recruit electricity customers into the fray.

Jason Hatch: “The next phase of our campaign is to engage Pacific Power ratepayers to talk to the public utilities commission and urge them not to allow Pacific Power to pass along these excessive costs to ratepayers.”

Pacific Power claims its critics make faulty assumptions to get the math to favor dam removal.  A utility spokesman says a letter writing campaign may be premature but welcomes the attention.

Pacific Power serves parts of Oregon, Washington, and California.

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