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EOU Administration Considering Cost-Cutting Measures

Administrators at Eastern Oregon University in La Grande are considering cost-cutting measures that could pare down academic offerings, and eliminate dozens of administrative and teaching positions.

Science Center at Eastern Oregon University in La Grande.

Science Center at Eastern Oregon University in La Grande.

Courtesy EOU

The moves are being proposed in response to $4 million budget shortfall.

Like other institutions, EOU saw its enrollment go up during the recession.  For the last three years, the university has graduated record numbers of students. But University President Bob Davies says the money coming in from the state hasn’t kept pace with that growth.

Davies says with the economy improving somewhat, the pendulum seems to be swinging the other way.

Student credit hours - the number of credits EOU students are taking - are down about 10 percent.  Davies says that trend is expected to continue at least through next year. 

“And it necessitates us to take a real hard look at the budgets for the next year and make some significant cuts.”

Davis says the school has come up with a draft list of majors and minors that might be streamlined or eliminated. 

He says the school will release a final list in early June.

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