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Eugene Church And AT&T Planning To Erect Cell Tower

AT&T is moving forward with a proposal to put a cell phone tower on the grounds of a Eugene church.

The cell phone service provider wants to put a 75-foot tower on the grounds of Crossfire Ministries – a church located in the middle of south Eugene.

The proposal is for a monopine – which means they’ll try to disguise the tower to look like a pine tree.

Pastor Aaron Taylor told the Eugene Register Guard that his church would pull in several hundred dollars a month from the lease.

AT&T spokeswoman Marianne Bischel says the company has been looking to build a new tower because customers in Eugene have too many dropped calls.

“There’s just simply not enough coverage at this point, and AT&T is just really interested in fixing that,” according to Bischel.

AT&T will submit a request to the city of Eugene next month for a zoning permit.

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