Eugene police officers plan to ease people into the pilot ­downtown dog ban that takes effect Monday.

Sgt. Julie Smith, supervisor of the downtown patrol team, said the focus of officers ­during the ban’s first few weeks will be to educate people about the ban and issue warnings to gain voluntary compliance rather than write $100 tickets. But Smith cautioned that early leniency would go only so far, and ­officers will issue citations if they run into the same ­individuals ­continuing to flout the ban.

“That’s not ideal,” she said of citing violators. “That’s not what I want to spend all my time doing.”

Last month, Eugene city councilors passed the ban, which will expire Nov. 1 ­unless they vote to extend it, that ­prohibits dogs in the downtown core. The ban exempts licensed dogs owned by people who live and work in the area, K-9 ­officers, and canines who remain in vehicles.

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