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On Eve Of Election, New Poll Shows Dead Heat In Governor's Race

The two leading candidates for Oregon governor are rounding up last-minute votes Monday.

Republican Chris Dudley is stumping in Beaverton, Hillsboro and Oregon City. Democrat John Kitzhaber is supporting get-out-the-vote efforts in Portland.

Meanwhile, a new poll shows that on the eve of the election, the race is as close as ever.

Portland polling firm Davis, Hibbitts and Midghall surveyed 1000 voters over the weekend. They found 46 percent of likely voters supported Kitzhaber and 43 percent supported Dudley.

That’s within the 3.1 percent margin of error.

Just last week a poll by the same firm showed Dudley with a narrow lead.

Pollster Tim Hibbitts says more fence-sitting Democrats seem to be coming down on the side of their party’s candidate. But he says election night could turn into election week.

Tim Hibbitts: “It’s not inconceivable that the race could be so close that we might not know a winner for two or three days, or possibly if it’s incredibly close, even more than that.”

Hibbitts says the race will likely be decided by swing voters in two suburban Portland counties. And he says results of election contests in the eastern U.S. could be a bellwether for how Oregon’s marquee races end up.

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