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Families Call For An End To Gang Violence

The family of a teenager gunned down on New Year’s Eve, is calling for an end to the rash of gang violence that recently erupted in Portland. Kristian Foden-Vencil reports.

FuneralPolice count 11 suspected gang shootings since a member of the Kerby Block Crips allegedly shot Darshawn Cross during a funeral service last month.

The latest victim to be buried was Willy Butler.

Police believe the 18-year-old shot and killed another 18-year-old, Darius Perry on New Year’s Eve in Gresham. And that Butler was then shot by another 17-year-old rival.

At Butler’s funeral, Bishop C.T. Wells called for forgiveness, a message Butler’s step-sister, Sharonda Ceasar, echoed after the ceremony.

Sharonda Ceasar: “We don’t want another family in the position we are in or feel the pain that we feel so for those of you who say you were friends to Willy and Darius and want to support our families please support us by not allowing this to happen to another family.”

There was a strong police presence outside the church, with probation officers and gang outreach workers mingling with the crowd.

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