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FDA Considering New Rules For Sweeteners In Milk Products

The Food and Drug Administration is asking for public comment on a request by the dairy industry to add sweeteners to milk.

Sweeteners are already added to some milk — like chocolate milk. But International Dairy Foods Association spokeswoman, Peggy Armstrong, says the FDA only allows sweeteners like sugar, honey and high fructose corn syrup. Sweeteners, she says, that contain substantial calories.

“What we’re asking for is to use all safe and suitable sweeteners, including some zero calorie sweeteners, and still call it chocolate milk, strawberry milk whatever.”

That way, she says, consumers who don’t want as many calories will be better served.  But many consumers don’t like the idea of aspartame, sucralose or saccharin being used in their milk, yogurt and cream. 

The new ingredients would have to be listed among the nutritional facts. But some consumers are also concerned the dairy industry is asking for permission to label the new milks, “lower-calorie” or “less-sugar.”

The public has until May 21 to submit comments.

Flavored Milk Petition - Federal Register

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