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Federal Money Will Help Several Struggling Oregon Schools

Struggling schools across Oregon are getting a $33 million boost from the U.S. Department of Education. Amelia Templeton reports.

The new funding targets 12 of Oregon’s lowest performing schools.

The money won’t fill gaps created by recent statewide budget cuts. Instead school districts will use the funding to take aggressive measures at failing schools.

Their options range from closing a school entirely to increasing classroom time there.

Three small institutes make up Roosevelt High School in north Portland. The Roosevelt schools will use their $7 million grant to merge and improve curriculum.

Charlene Williams is the new principal. She hopes the changes will bring in more students.

Charlene Williams: “I believe once they see the resources and the changes that are happening at this campus, they’ll be knocking the doors down to come and be a part of what is happening here.”

The Salem Keizer School district is receiving more than $12 million.

Funding will also go to Bend, Jefferson County, Klamath Falls, Ontario, and Oregon City.

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