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Federal Program Offers Mortgage Help For Homeowners

The state is encouraging people having problems paying their mortgages, to enroll in a new program that can offer homeowners up to $30,000 — even if they’re not behind on their mortgage.

To get help from the Home Rescue Program, people have to demonstrate at least a 10 percent loss in income, and meet several other qualifications.

New slots will be available every two weeks starting Wednesday at noon, until the funds are exhausted.

Ben Pray of Oregon Housing and Community Services says it’s different from previous help programs.

“It’s not just targeted at home owners who are on unemployment. So you could be a small business owners, you could have a regular job, you could be on unemployment. So it’s for a much more broad audience,” Pray says.

The money comes from the federal Hardest Hit Fund, which allocated $220 million to Oregon three years ago.

So far, about half of that money has been handed out to help 7500 homeowners — that’s the population of a city like Hood River.

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