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Feds Deal Blow To Proposed Jordan Cove Gas Terminal

Federal energy officials Monday dealt a serious setback to a liquefied natural gas terminal proposed for Oregon’s South Coast.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission withdrew approvals it granted more than two years ago for both the Jordan Cove LNG terminal and the associated pipeline. The order points to a recent change in the projectfrom a terminal that would import natural gas, to one that would export it. Oregon Department of Justice spokesman Tony Green says his office was arguing that Jordan Cove couldn’t just switch from one to the other.

Green said, “Import and export facilities are fundamentally different. They should be reviewed differently. There are very different public interests involved. And we are very pleased that FERC has decided to largely agree with our view of the case.”

One FERC commissioner says the terminal’s proposed location - near a regional airport – raises safety questions. A dissenting commissioner argues that overturning the decision undermines years of private investment.

The earlier approvals were vacated “without prejudice” so Jordan Cove can start the process all over again. Officials with Jordan Cove didn’t immediately comment.