The U.S. Department of Justice can take over management of troubled Oregon mega-dairy Lost Valley Farm, a bankruptcy judge ruled Wednesday.

Owner Greg te Velde also will lose control of his two California dairies – GJ te Velde Dairy in Tipton and Pacific Rim Dairy in Corcoran.

“Te Velde is unwilling, or unable, to comply with his duties as a fiduciary,” Judge Fredrick Clement wrote in his decision.

“Since filing (bankruptcy), he has continued his long-standing habits of methamphetamine usage and gambling,” Clement wrote. “Drug usage has occurred once or twice per week, and he has gambled estate monies of $2,000-$7,000 monthly. Te Velde borrowed $205,000 without court authorization, and in a one-month period took personal draws of $28,000 more than authorized.”

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