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FERC Gives Bradwood Landing Opponents More Time

Opponents of an Oregon liquified natural gas proposal are hopeful they may have gained some ground with regulators.

Recently the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission put its seal of approval on a NorthernStar Natural Gas plan to build an LNG terminal at Bradwood Landing, along the Columbia.

Opponents wanted more time to muster requests for a re-hearing. Monday the FERC agreed.

FERC spokeswoman Tamara Young-Allen warned not to assume the commission has changed its stance.

Tamara Young-Allen   "The order today makes no determination on its September decision. This is purely a procedural order, that stops the clock, that's all it does. There's no discussion by the commission about the types of issues raised. That will be addressed in the Order for Re-Hearing, which will come out sometime later."

Nevertheless, groups like Columbia Riverkeeper take the decision as a sign that they may yet turn back the project.

The states of Oregon and Washington were among those asking for more time, and possibly a re-hearing.

Some opponents are concerned about the project's environmental impact.