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Few Problems At Healthcare.Gov For Oregonians - So Far

Oregon’s trouble with health insurance exchanges could be over.

Enrollment at opened this weekend and so far, it appears to be running smoothly.

The $250 million failure of Cover Oregon means Oregonians who used it to sign up for insurance last time, have to do so again, but through the feds this time.

The head of Cover Oregon, Aaron Patnode, was at a call center in Salem over the weekend and says there weren’t many calls. He sees that as a sign people aren’t having problems: “Here in Oregon we’ve had a couple of enrollment fairs over the weekend and people were able to create accounts, shop, see what financial assistance was available to them and ultimately purchase plans,” he said.

“So all in all I’d say it’s been a relatively uneventful - which is a positive thing - roll out of the open enrollment period thus far.”

Anyone having problems enrolling should call the call center.