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Fierce Winds Predicted For Coast And Willamette Valley

Satellite image showing the Northwest weather, Nov. 21, 2011. Credit: NOAA.

The National Weather Service is predicting 80 mile-per-hour winds for the Oregon Coast and heavy rains Tuesday and possibly into Tuesday night.

Meteorologists say a slow-moving, but energetic storm system will hit the coast first and hardest. But it’s predicted to blow through the Willamette Valley, too.

Shawn Weagle with the National Weather Service says winds in the valley could hit 50 miles an hour, before the weather clears.

“The front is going to slowly move south and weaken Tuesday night and Wednesday, and I think we should start to see things calm down right around then,” said Weagle.

Weagle says autumn rains have the additional potential for flooding – because leaves can often clog storm water drains. Emergency managers are also warning that strong winds could bring down power lines. People are asked to stay away from lines, and report them to local utilities.

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