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Final Weeks Find R74 Activists Toe-To-Toe

The campaign surrounding Washington’s Referendum 74 is gaining momentum in Southwest Washington. April Baer reports Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt helped fire up canvassers working in support of the measure today.

Statewide polling suggests voters are closely divided on the referendum. Leavitt talked to campaign volunteers at a Unitarian church meeting room while heavy rain poured down on the patio.

Leavitt told them he believes everyone has the right to be in a committed relationship. He also praised the value of their door-to-door efforts.

“The reality,” Leavitt said, “is most folks are so busy with their everyday lives that paying attention to all the issues is difficult. Did somebody come to their doorstep, did they have an opportunity to have a conversation?”

Chip White with Preserve Marriage Washington, the opposition against R74, says they are also busy this weekend. “TV ads are on the air,” White said. “We have a grass roots network throughout the state, including Southwest Washington where supporters of traditional marriage are talking to their friends.”

Both sides are well-funded, and both are running broadcast ads in the Portland/Vancouver market.

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