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Firefighter Dies Near Rome, Oregon

A 59-year-old man has died while working in a pickup truck on a fire line in eastern Oregon.

Carolyn Chad, a spokeswoman for the federal Bureau of Land Management, says Kevin Hall, of Ontario, Ore., apparently suffered a medical issue while he was working for Brian McKinney, a bulldozer contractor on the Grassy Mountain fire 20 miles east of Rome.

Hall was found unresponsive on Saturday. BLM workers and another fire contractor administered CPR but could not revive him. Chad tells KTVZ-TV the fire had been contained and that Hall was providing support to the bulldozer crew as it worked to improve an existing fire line.

Two other Oregon firefighters have died fighting wildfires this month. John Hammack, of Madras, was killed by a falling tree while removing hazardous trees in the path of a small wildfire in the remote Mount Washington Wilderness Area in the high Cascades. Nineteen-year-old Jesse Trader was killed in a water truck crash while fighting a fire in southern Oregon.

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