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A First And Last For Photographer Shooting For Gourmet Magazine

Oregon has been a favorite subject for Gourmet magazine.  Now Oregon's gourmands are digesting the news that the magazine's long run is over. April Baer reports.

Oregon's agricultural bounty and lively locavore attitude meant ink for the state on the pages of  Gourmet.

Two of the state's eateries have already been covered this year. 

Photographer Lincoln Barbour didn't know when he was asked to shoot plates from the Portland restaurant PokPok for the November issue that his first assignment for the magazine would also be his last.

Lincoln Barbour: "It's been a tough year, a lot of magazines I"ve shot for as well as big names are going away."

Barbour says he will miss Gourmet's elegant approach, even if it's not his first choice.

Lincoln Barbour  "I don't know if this is ironic, but I subscribe to Bon Appetit, which is its sister publication."

Bon Appetit, which Barbour describes having as a more pop sensibility, will continue to publish.