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Fishing Boat Capsizes In Tillamook Bay

A fishing vessel has capsized in Tillamook Bay, leaving emergency responders to brave rough conditions searching for two people. April Baer reports. 

Coast guard Petty Officer Eric Chandler says staff on patrol actually saw the vessel turn over. It's not known whether the vessel's crew was beginning or ending its trip, but Chandler identified the distressed craft as the 40-foot fishing vessel, Network.

Chandler  :09   "There was three people on board. It capsized, one person was able to swim to shore, and the Coast Guard had one helicopter and two 47-foot smallboats searching for the other two men."

The coast Guard didn't know what kind of gear the men might have had with them. Gear might be a factor in their survival, with the sea tossing eleven foot waves this morning. 

The survivor who made it to shore was taken to Tillamook County General Hospital. He's listed in stable condition. 

In 2003, calamity struck another vessel on the bar in Tillamook Bay. The Taki Too accident claimed eleven lives.



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