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Fixed Route Bus Service Coming To Redmond

The operator of Central Oregon’s public transportation system is preparing to bring fixed route bus service to Redmond.  The new route is designed to give students at Central Oregon Community College a way to get between campuses in Bend and Redmond.

Many students rely on routes outside the city limits of Bend.

Many students rely on routes outside the city limits of Bend.

David Nogueras/OPB

Cascades East Transit already operates shuttles between the two cities.  But to get around within Redmond, commuters rely on CET’s dial-a-ride system.  And that requires scheduling a day in advance. 

The new route picks up where the shuttle drops off.  From there it will continue to both the college and the airport. 

The new service will be funded through a grant from the Partnership to End Poverty, and by COCC’s student government organization.

Transportation manager Scott Aycock expects any remaining costs will be negligible.

“We don’t have to come up with the total cost of providing that route because we’ll be saving some of those dollars from the dial-a-ride side,” says Aycock.  “So folks that were using dial-a-ride to get to COCC and other areas, as well as the airport, will now be riding as fixed route instead.”

Aycock expects service to begin next month.

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