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Foreclosure Protesters Gather At Portland's City Hall

Friday a group of protesters met in front of Portland City Hall. The demonstrators say they want banks and elected officials to take accountability for the foreclosure crisis.

Sammy Brenner/OPB

At least 50 protesters chanted in front of City Hall. Foreclosure fighters are protesting on behalf of Patricia Williams and Darren Johnson, who were forcibly evicted from their home on October 30.

Flen Grisby says with more people fighting for the cause, more can be accomplished.

Sammy Brenner/OPB

“We need to support one another. This eviction is destroying a lot of lives. As people stand in unity we could fight some of this. The bigger the crowd the better the chance and the more we get involved the more we can get done.”

Earlier in the day, Darren Johnson and community supporters took a stand in the home. Police were on the scene for about an hour but no officers went inside.

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