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What's That Noise? Forest Grove's Mystery Sound

Forest Grove fire marshal Dave Nemeyer has heard all kinds of suggestions about the strange noise plaguing his town, from a train to a frog mating call to a broken HVAC system.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped people on the Internet from trying. 

Nemeyer has walked the neighborhood to pin it down, but to no avail.

“Our emails and inboxes are absolutely inundated right now with suggestions,” he said. “It’s becoming a little bit cumbersome to do your normal work when you’re sorting through emails suggesting you should look for bright lights in the sky or UFOs or things like that.”

This mystery may never be solved. If it is a piece of broken machinery, such as a fan with worn-out ball bearings, at some point someone will realize and fix the problem, Nemeyer said. And then the strange sound will be gone.

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