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Former Congresswoman Elizabeth Furse Runs Again

Former Oregon congresswoman Elizabeth Furse has filed for the fourth district seat on the Washington County Commission.

Furse is perhaps best known for securing hundreds of millions of dollars for Portland’s light rail.

But in 1998 she retired to live on a farm overlooking the winery she started.

Now, she wants to run for office because she says the Washington County Commission is beholden to developers, “Inside the urban growth boundary there is a great deal of land that’s not used. Buildings that have never been occupied,” she said. 

“But yet because land developers want to reach out into new areas, that seems to be what the commission has been encouraging.”

Incumbent commissioner Bob Terry owns Fisher Farms Nursery, “Our county has little to no debt, we carry a reserve every year. And we’ve constantly been the lowest unemployed county in the state. We’ve done a pretty good of manning the county in the direction that we’re going so how she’s going to say that one faction has too much sway in the county, I’m not quite sure.”

The election is May 20th.

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