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Former Police Chief Foxworth Retires From The Force

This Halloween is former Portland police chief, Derrick Foxworth’s last day on the job. Rob Manning has more.

Derrick Foxworth was demoted and replaced by current chief Rosie Sizer in 2006. That's when sex-laced e-mails he’d written to another police employee surfaced. 

Foxworth had been a welcome replacement for Mark Kroeker in 2004. Foxworth had risen through the police ranks over a 27-year career.

Kroeker came from outside Oregon, and had been widely criticized for police shootings and heavy-handed responses to protesters.

Foxworth demonstrated his approach as he watched a protest in 2005.

Derrick Foxworth: “One of the lessons that we learned from prior marches and protests, it helps when police get out and walk in the crowd, talk to the people and let them know we are here to support them, we want this to be a peaceful event.”

At a retirement party this week, admirers  praised Foxworth's sensitivity and work ethic.

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