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Former Reporter Brings 'Worms-Eye View' To Salvadoran Civil War Memoir

In 1982, Joe Frazier found himself on a list that would make most of us shudder and consider a change of profession.

It was a death list, circulated by a rightist paramilitary group in El Salvador. 

Former Associated Press reporter Joe Frazier

Former Associated Press reporter Joe Frazier

Geoff Norcross/OPB

Joe Frazier was covering the Salvadoran Civil War for the Associated Press, a conflict so bloody and horrifying, a simple death list might seem like no big deal.  As Joe Frazier puts it, “El Salvador could be like that.”

In fact, that’s the name of his book, which is a memoir of his time in the country for the AP between 1979 and 1986.

Joe Frazier is retired now.  He lives in Portland, and he joins me now.

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