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Former Trail Blazer Dudley Enters Oregon Governor's Race

Former Portland Trail Blazer Chris Dudley said Wednesday that he's running for Oregon governor. 

Dudley's been actively fund-raising and recently released a series of online campaign videos, so the announcement came as no surprise. 

Dudley is running as a Republican. He spoke out against the Oregon tax measures on the January ballot and said as governor, he would work to slow state spending. 

Dudley spoke to a crowd of supporters gathered at a Portland youth development organization. He made little mention of his 16-year NBA career and gave few policy specifics.

Chris Dudley: "I'm not a politician, and I'm just a citizen who cares deeply about this state and who cares enough and is maybe fed up enough to say that we can and must do better."

Dudley won't be the only Republican in the race who's never held elected office.  Allen Alley and Bill Sizemore share that distinction.

The leading candidates on the Democratic side are longtime officeholders: former Governor John Kitzhaber and former Secretary of State Bill Bradbury.

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