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Foundations Team Up To Offer Portland Artists Micro-Grants

Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, or PICA, is teaming up with the Andy Warhol Foundation to offer a series of micro-grants aimed at boosting individual artists’ projects and small groups in the region. 

PICA’s Patrick Leonard says the Precipice Fund grants could range from $500 to $5,000. While small, he says they could be significant for artists working almost below the radar.

“We’ve seen kickstarted campaigns for $3K, and that’s their entire budget for entire year,” Leonard says. “So an infusion of capital, even around $1,000, could be enough for an artist to run off a year of print publications, or host a small film screening series, or convene a lecture cycle, or host two residencies from outside of town.”

Portland is the fifth place the Warhol Foundation has targeted to do regional re-granting. That means the foundation relies on a local partner to convene a panel that divides up the money.

The fund’s total grants will equal $75,000 a year, over a two-year cycle. Leonard says there’s a good chance the project would be extended. Grantees will be announced this fall. 

Read more about the grants here.

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