Governor Kate Brown recently signed a bill that allows local governments to give financial help to owners who want to seismically upgrade their buildings.


But the future is less certain for several other earthquake bills in Salem.

The Ways and Means Committee is considering funding for four bills that would:

  • create a new statewide resilience officer to oversee seismic safety;
  • make the Land Conservation and Development Commission develop guidelines for tsunami planning;
  • require local governments to plan for a tsunami;
  • and have a task force look into the displacement of people following an earthquake.

But Senator Brian Boquist, the chair of the Emergency Preparedness Committee, is doubtful Ways and Means will fund them.

“I mean the resilience planning position, which we’ve never had before, requires funding, not sure they’re going to do that,” he said.

If that committee doesn’t fund the bills by the end of the session, they will die.

Experts say there’s a 37 percent chance of a subduction zone earthquake off the Oregon Coast in the next 50 years.