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Sorry Lisa, No Simpsons On Finalist List For Bridge Name

Out of 9,500 names, Portland now has a short list of four for the new light rail bridge over the Willamette River.

Michael Clapp/OPB

The finalists are: The Abigail Scott Duniway bridge. She was a leader in the fight to get the vote for women.

Cascadia Crossing. That’s a nod to the Cascade mountain range.

Tillicum Crossing. That’s Chinook jargon used to help tribes communicate across different languages and it means people, tribe and relatives. So in effect it’s like calling it  ‘The Bridge Of The People.’

And finally Wy’east — Wy’east being the Native American name for Mt. Hood.

Chet Orloff is former director of the Oregon Historical Society. He led the committee to recommend the names and says the name Mt. Hood has always grated on him.

“Samuel Hood was the admiral of the navy of the imperial force that we fought against. And we have named our greatest iconic sight after an enemy?”

Some names that didn’t make it: ‘The Jean Luc Picard Wonder Crossing’ and the ‘Stephen Colbert Bridge of Destiny.’

A public meeting on the names is scheduled for next month.

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