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'The Four Top': Why Truffles Are Like Drugs | Restaurant Playlists | Rethinking The Microwave

A person holds freshly gathered truffles at the Oregon Truffle Festival in this undated photo.

A person holds freshly gathered truffles at the Oregon Truffle Festival in this undated photo.

Oregon Truffle Festival

Episode 12 comes to you from the Oregon Truffle Festival, with three culinary superstars as our guest panelists.

Harold McGee is a former New York Times columnist and expert on the chemistry of food whose books include on “Food and Cooking,” and “Keys to Good Cooking.” Dave Arnold is the founder of the Museum of Food and Drink and head of the Culinary Technology Department at the International Culinary Center. And Peter Meehan is executive editor of Lucky Peach magazine and a cookbook author.

We commence our three-course dining discussion with murder, theft, forgery and black market sales. These are all standard practices in the truffle trade, and recent research has unearthed the fact that the fragrant fungi can give diners a high. Should truffles be treated like controlled substances? Next, we turn the tables to the topic of music in restaurants. What’s the best background sound for a dining room — electro-lounge, old soul or something else? Our experts’ opinions might surprise you. Finally, are you taking your microwave for granted? According to our science-minded panel, yes.

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