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Framing The Life Of A Photographer's Wife

Eloquent NudeThe story of the late American photographer Edward Weston is perhaps not as well known as his friend and contemporary, Ansel Adams. And until now, the name Charis Wilson may not have rung any bells for Oregonians.

Documentary filmmaker Ian McClusky set out to change that. His new film “Eloquent Nude” tells the story of Charis Wilson, who modeled for and later married photographer Edward Weston.

The film airs tonight on OPB TV. Director Ian McClusky and associate producer Julie Gliniany spoke with us in our Portland studios about the film—beginning with Edward Weston’s signature style.

Eloquent Nude: The Love and Legacy of Edward Weston and Charis Wilson ” airs at 10 o’clock tonight (Thursday, August 30th) on OPB Television.

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