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Friday Yachats Jam To Feature Students Of Matt Love

YACHATS - The Yachats Academy of Arts and Sciences presents an evening featuring Newport High School students showcasing their music and photography talents. All the young people are students of Matt Love and participate in Newport High School’s Friday Lunch Jam. The Friday Yachats Jam takes place at 6:30 p.m. Friday, March 8, at the Yachats Commons, Fourth Street and U.S. Highway 101. The Academy is supported by the Friends of the Yachats Commons Foundation.

The hour-long event will feature music and spoken word performances by Newport High School students who perform at the Friday Lunch Jam, a weekly open mic event held on campus every Friday at noon. The school’s journalism class will also present their photography work at the event.

“We’ve got some remarkably talented students,” said Love, a Newport High School teacher, author and publisher. Love holds the open mic sessions in his room, where it has become a campus sensation. “We began it four years ago and it’s become a hit with over 900 individual or group performances. Who said rock is dead?”

Love also serves as the advisor to the school’s magazine, the Harbor Light, rock festival (Cubstock) and literary review. “You will not believe the quality of the talent, musical and spoken word,” he added. “We’ve got rock, blues, pop, folk, emo, metal, country and some real beatnik poets. Our photographers are very accomplished also.”

Love hopes to raise funds to support this year’s literary review by selling student photographs, 2012’s literary review, which includes a bonus DVD of last year’s Yachats performance, and taking donations.

Featured performers include Broken Culture, Nakaia Brogran, The Derp Patrol, Brie Staunton, Orchid Instinct, Creed Peterson, Grayson Bear, Nathan Bearden, Richelle Schatz, Slanderous Vitriol, The Steve Jones Band, Servants of the Kelp and Domenica Gavin. Newport High Senior Jay Gassner will emcee the event.

There is no admission charge for this presentation, but the Academy appreciates a $5 donation to help cover publicity expenses and suggests generous support of the student activities and projects.

For more information, go to or call 541-961-6695.


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