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Frozen Peas To Play Role In Developing New Batteries

Oregon experts in freeze-drying peas, started work Tuesday on a multi-million dollar factory to build nano-scale carbon molecules.

EnerG2, a spin-off company out of the University of Washington, says it has developed a way of creating carbon that has a very precise molecular structure and is very pure.

Such carbon promises to make batteries and capacitors smaller and much more efficient.

Gerry Langler, with Oregon Venture Partners, says the process involves freeze-drying the carbon.

Gerry Langler: “They found Oregon Freeze Dry, freeze drying peas, they said: Gee, you’re doing almost exactly what we need to have done at really high quality. Let’s partner with you.”

Langler and other businesses have put $15 million into the venture.  The U.S. Department of Energy has injected another $21 million.

The factory promises to generate 50 construction jobs and another 35 manufacturing jobs. After that, it depends on whether battery and capacitor manufacturers buy the new carbon.

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