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Oregon Fuel Producers, Importers To Report 'Carbon Intensity' Next Year

Dozens of fuel producers and importers in Oregon will have to start reporting the carbon intensity of their product next year.

The Oregon Environmental Quality Commission voted 4-1 Friday to approve the first phase of a statewide clean fuels program.

The program ultimately aims to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation. It has vocal supporters and opponents statewide.

Phase one gets the process started by requiring major fuel suppliers to calculate the average carbon emissions of the fuels they sell in Oregon.

The program stems from a bill that passed in the 2009 Legislature. Chairman Bill Blosser says now it is the Legislature’s job to decide whether phase two will happen.

Blosser said, “I feel it’s important we adopt this so we can get the discussion back where it needs to be, which is at the Legislature. They asked us to do this. We did it. And if they’ve got second thoughts, they have the power to do it.”

The second phase of the program will involve reducing the carbon emissions associated with fuels in Oregon by 10 percent over 10 years.

The reporting requirements for fuel suppliers start in June of 2013.

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