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Gay Rights Group Aims To Overturn Marriage Ban

Basic Rights Oregon is laying groundwork for a ballot initiative aimed at overturning Oregon’s same sex marriage ban. April Baer reports.

No one is out on the street gathering signatures yet, but Basic Rights Oregon says it will start informational campaigning this week, with an eye on the 2012 election or later.

Organizers hope to repeal the ballot measure that banned same-sex marriage, in 2004.

BRO’s executive director Jeanna Frazzini.

Jeanna Frazzini   “For too long, this issue has only been discussed in the heat of a campaign, and that’s really no time to start a calm, heartfelt conversation about why marriage is so important to so many people.”

Foes of gay marriage, who organized to pass Measure 36 five years ago have indicated they’d regroup to fight such an initiative when the time comes.

Frazzinni says her group is keeping an eye on the results of Washington’s Referendum 71, which will affirm or nulify that state’s expanded gay rights.

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