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Gearhart's Vacation Rental Rules Headed To Voters

A "Vote No on Measure 4-188" sign is seen on the edge of U.S. Highway 101 in Gearhart, Oregon. 

A “Vote No on Measure 4-188” sign is seen on the edge of U.S. Highway 101 in Gearhart, Oregon. 

Colin Murphey/The Daily Astorian

Just whose rights are at issue in Gearhart as voters consider repealing vacation rental rules in November?

Supporters of Measure 4-188 want to repeal and replace rules enacted last fall related to off-street parking, appearance, garbage service, septic inspections and cesspool prohibitions. The measure would require home inspections and make owners responsible for self-reporting issues.

More than 200 voters signed a petition in support of the measure, short-term rental owner Jim Whittemore said.

Meanwhile, Gearhart is heavily dotted with “Vote No” lawn signs in a campaign led by a coalition of residents, including Mayor Matt Brown and former Mayor Dianne Widdop.

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