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Giusto's Replacement Sworn In As Multnomah County Sheriff

Bob Skipper has now officially replaced Bernie Giusto  as Sheriff of Multnomah County.  As Andrew Theen reports, Skipper was sworn in Thursday and pledged to bring integrity to the office.

Bob Skipper looks like a sheriff.  His prominent mustache is reminiscent of Oregon resident and mustachioed movie star Sam Elliott.

Sheriff Skipper returns to the county's top law enforcement post after a 15-year hiatus.

He addressed the packed house at the Multnomah County boardroom and pledged to bring stability and direction back to the office.

Bob Skipper: "All members of the county recognize that we are on the same team.  When we are not, none of us look good and the public is not well served."

He thanked previous sheriffs for their service.

A notable absence was the man Skipper is replacing,  Bernie Giusto.  According to sheriff's officials, Giusto had another commitment.

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