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GOP Dispute On Deck For August Meeting

Oregon Republican Party Chair Suzanne Gallagher says she’ll deal with an internal dispute over her performance at a party conference next month.

Published reports spread the word of dissent within the state party ranks over how Gallagher has handled money matters, and other professional issues.

John Philo, who is a member of the state Republican Central Committee, confirmed the complaints. The Oregonian newspaper says Gallagher might face a recall for the chair position.

Philo says he doesn’t know who complained. He believes most members will not have access to the substance of the complaints until the central committee’s next meeting, in Bend, August 10th.

But Chair Gallagher would only say no formal documentation has yet emerged.

Suzanne Gallagher

Suzanne Gallagher

“I am aware of some concerns within party circles,” Gallagher said, in a prepared statement. “This is party business.”

Gallagher says she’ll address the complaints at the central committee meeting, and that her staff is focused on preparing for other events that weekend.

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