Governor Brown On Education, Marijuana And More

By Julie Sabatier (OPB)
Sept. 30, 2015 6:12 p.m.
Oregon Governor Kate Brown

Oregon Governor Kate Brown

Julie Sabatier / OPB


Oregon Governor Kate Brown sat down with OPB's Think Out Loud to talk about a range of issues affecting the state — from transportation to marijuana. Here's a taste of what she had to say about some of those topics.

Some practical advice about earthquake preparedness:

"It may be that cell phones don’t work and so having a contact person outside the state of Oregon that you can use as a reliable contact person is another good way to have a safe and a reliable contact."

On the ongoing struggle over transportation funding and the Low Carbon Fuel Standard:

"[T]he petroleum industry has said they’re going to be gathering signatures and put the Clean Fuels measure on the ballot. They have an opportunity to do that. At this point in time the ball is in their court and I expect that Oregon will move forward with the transportation package over the next couple of years. The investments are very much needed. It’s needed for our economy and we need the jobs and we need the infrastructure."


On continuing the education goals of her predecessor: 

"My goal as the governor of the state of Oregon is to create an education system that is seamless from cradle to career to make sure that when students graduate from high school that they have a plan and a career pathway of multiple options."

On increasing the minimum wage:

"I believe that the Legislature has an opportunity to tackle this issue during February of 2016. I’ve met with legislative leadership to discuss the issue. They know I support increasing the minimum wage...But I’m hopeful that the Oregon Legislature can reach resolution and that the two ballot measures won’t need to go to the ballot in November."

On creating rules for legal recreational marijuana:

"I know that legislators as well as my staff worked very closely with Colorado and Washington. I think we’ve had the opportunity to learn from mistakes that they have made."

On whether or not she's interested in buying any pot on October 1:

"No.  I’m just not. I love Oregon wines and I love our fine microbrews and that’s what I like."

Download the full transcript of OPB's Think Out Loud discussion with Governor Kate Brown here.