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Governor Calls Special Session To Lure Nike Expansion

Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber is calling the state legislature into special session later this week. The single item on the agenda is a proposal to assure big companies like Nike the state won’t raise taxes on them shortly after expanding their operations.

The Democratic governor announced Monday that he wants lawmaker to act quickly to approve the change because Nike has major expansion plans at its Beaverton headquarters. Kitzhaber says his says the new law would allow the governor to reach such a deal with any large company, not just Nike.

“There’s no question that the sense of urgency for having the legislature in has to do with this particular company, but this is a policy that makes a great deal of sense. And I think it allows Oregon to sort of stand apart,” Kitzhaber said.

The law would apply to companies that create at least 500 new jobs and invest at least $150 million in their expansion. The special session is set for this Friday. Legislative leaders from both parties have praised the idea.

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