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Governor Kitzhaber Expects To Sign Key Agreement On Asia Trip

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber told a business group in Gresham Thursday, he expects to sign a key agreement with China on his upcoming trip to Asia.

Michael Clapp/OPB

Kitzhaber is leading an Oregon delegation with a green tinge.  Business and research leaders are headed on a ten-day trip to China, Hong Kong, and Japan.

He told the Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce he plans to return in late October with a deal with China focused on environmental design.

“In fact we’re signing an MoU (memorandum of understanding) in Shanghai to be the agent to do the build-out on China’s eco-communities that they’re building around the state. And they want to use Oregon’s expertise in this area.”

Kitzhaber says the mission is part of the state’s effort to double the value of Oregon’s exports by 2020.

The governor also emphasized the need to open Oregon up to business. He said making more industrial land available was of “extreme importance.”

Kitzhaber said if local leaders took the first steps, the state would help.

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