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Governor's Office To Challenge FERC Decision

A federal panel has approved a second liquefied natural gas terminal for Oregon. But Governor Ted Kulongoski's office announced almost immediately that the state will appeal Thursday’s decision that opened the door to the Jordan Cove facility, in Coos Bay.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has approved a proposal for an LNG terminal in Coos Bay. FERC also approved construction of a 234-mile pipeline to deliver gas to California.

Last year, FERC approved siting an LNG terminal at Bradwood Landing, on the Columbia River, though that decision is facing a legal challenge.

FERC attached more than 120 separate conditions for the Jordan Cove terminal and pipeline. Most of them address environmental risks.

FERC spokeswoman, Tamara Young-Allen says the company could appeal the conditions. And she says the FERC approval isn’t the end of the process.

Tamara Young-Allen: “There are other federal and state and local permits that the company will have to get.”

And now Oregon's governor and attorney general have announced they'll ask FERC to reconsider the approval. 

If the agency denies that appeal, a statement from Governor Kulongoski's office says the state will go to a federal appeals court.