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Grand Jury To Probe Shooting

A grand jury will look into the case of an Astoria man accused of shooting his mother.

Brian Mathew Hall, 26, of Astoria, will be arraigned Friday at the Clatsop County Circuit Court pending a grand jury indictment.

Hall was arraigned at the Clatsop County Circuit Court Friday on charges of attempted murder and pointing a firearm. He is accused of shooting his mother, Delores Hall, 57, Thursday morning. Her condition is still unknown.

Hall remained at the jail during the arraignment, speaking with his court-appointed lawyer, Ty Settles, and Circuit Court Judge Cindee Matyas via video link. Other than indicating to the court his middle name was spelled wrong on the record form, Hall answered questions with yes or no responses.

Dawn Buzzard from the Clatsop County District Attorney’s Office requested bail be set at $500,000. Judge Matyas granted the amount be set high.

Hall is a 2004 graduate of Astoria High School and is a U.S. Navy veteran as well as a firefighter with Olney-Walluski Fire and Rescue.

Early Thursday morning, Clatsop County Sheriff deputies responded to a call on Nordlund-McCoy Road off Oregon Highway 202. Deputies found Delores Hall seriously wounded but conscious at the time.

She was taken to Columbia Memorial Hospital by Medix Ambulance Service and then airlifted to Portland.

This story originally appeared in Daily Astorian.

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