Boyd Britton serves as a commissioner in Grant County, Oregon.

Boyd Britton serves as a commissioner in Grant County, Oregon.

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Ballots are out this week in a recall effort of Grant County Commissioner Boyd Britton.
Those who want to remove Britton from office are upset with the commissioner because he and the other county leaders decided not to sponsor a county-led investigation into last year’s Canyon Creek Fire. Some Grant County citizens blame the Forest Service for the rapid spread of the fire and asked the county to investigate. Petitioners also say Britton should have recused himself in county decisions involving local agencies because he does work with those agencies as a local welder.

Boyd Britton Recall Petition And Response

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Britton says the claims against him are baseless. He says in his 13 years as a commissioner, he’s helped keep the county fiscally strong and has led a collaboration that increased timber harvest and helped keep the last local mill open.
Ballots are due in the recall vote on August 16. The Grant County Clerk estimates the effort will cost between $4,000 and $5,000.