Residents in parts of Gresham received invitations last week to join the Ku Klux Klan.

The invitation left on doorsteps included a list of goals for the group, as well as its website and the address of its national headquarters.

Some invitations included a plastic bag filled with root beer-flavored jelly beans.

Gresham Police Department spokesperson John Rasmussen said the department doesn’t believe the letters were a hoax because they were delivered over such a large area.

The invitations were delivered to nearly every door in some neighborhoods in the Portland suburb, according to the Gresham Outlook.

As Rasmussen pointed out, the organization has a long history in the United States that includes the Portland area.

“I don’t know if it’s systemic from decades ago, but we have not had any organizations that I know of out in Gresham,” he said. “But Portland and the Portland metro area are well known for prior KKK involvement.”

The police department did not receive any reports of residents feeling threatened by the letter. Residents were mostly annoyed and offended, according to Rasmussen.

Here’s what was placed at door-steps in Gresham with the KKK trying to recruit out here! Spread the awareness.

Posted by Powell Valley Green Collective on Saturday, November 7, 2015

Some residents even told the police department they wished the organization wasn’t allowed to canvas like this.

However, the letters are protected as free speech under the First Amendment, so the police department won’t be taking any further action.

The recruitment effort in Oregon isn’t the first time the Klan has used candy as a recruitment tool. The group took a similar approach last year in Seneca, South Carolina. A member of the group in South Carolina told WHNS-TV the candy is part of a recruitment effort that happens three times a year.

The letters were delivered in Gresham the morning after the hacking group Anonymous publicly released the names of some KKK members, as part of its ongoing HoodsOff operation against the Klan.