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Group Marks 100th Anniversary Of Women's Suffrage

A star-studded panel of women in politics gathers Monday night to talk about how women’s suffrage shaped life in Oregon.

The group Century of Action is spending a year marking the 100th anniversary of Oregon women’s right to vote. Advocates reached their goal in November of 1912.

Historian Kim Jensen of Western Oregon University says the Oregon suffragettes set the stage for important precedents in the early days of state government.

“Almost immediately they created a Congressional group so that they were working together across organizations to put forward legislation they thought was very important: legislation about women and safety at work, mothers’ pensions, they wanted jury service,” said  Jensen.

Jensen says Oregon activists wanted married women to retain the right to own property, and did vanguard work on that issue.

Jensen will join Avel Gordly, Kathryn Harrison, Norma Paulus, and other prominent women in Oregon politics for a “History Pub” discussion at Portland’s Bagdad Theater.

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