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Hales, Fritz Agree 'Buildings Without Parking' Issue Is Important

Some relief may be coming to Portlanders concerned about the effect of new apartment buildings on surrounding neighborhoods. 

Area planned for the construction of a four-story apartment building.

Area planned for the construction of a four-story apartment building.

Rebecca Roberts Galloway/OPB

Many residents have spoken out against planned new apartments – many with no on-site parking. 

Thursday, Portland commissioners heard from a lead city planner who’s crafting interim policies. Those address transit service near the developments, parking provisions for disabled drivers, and possible rules for on-site parking for the biggest buildings.

Mayor Charlie Hales says he wants interim recommendations, by next month.

Apartment building in Hollywood neighborhood under construction.

Apartment building in Hollywood neighborhood under construction.

Rebecca Roberts Galloway/OPB

“I want to commend the great and thoughtful work that’s been done by neighborhood activists to raise this issue, pose it in the larger context of the kind of city that we’re trying to become, but also urge us to do something about a current problem.”

Planners say some suggestions from neighbors are too complicated to incorporate into short-term measures.

Mayor Hales agreed with commissioner Amanda Fritz that the “buildings without parking” plans should take precedence over another planning commission issue: potential development on West Hayden Island.

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