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Health Clinic Coming To Burnside's Burger King Corner

A bulldozer tore the roof off an abandoned Portland building Tuesday.

The old Burger King at the corner of Southwest Broadway and Burnside stopped serving customers years ago.

Neighbors have complained about vandalism at the site since.

Last winter, the non-profit Central City Concern won nearly nine million federal dollars to turn that corner into a health clinic.

Multnomah County commissioner Deborah Kafoury was among the elected officials cheering the project.

Deborah Kafoury: “For years, this building has been an eyesore in a community that is home to many of our most vulnerable citizens. As a county commissioner for this district, I am thrilled that this abandoned building is going to be turned into a beautiful asset.”

Supporters say the project offers 160 temporary construction jobs, and 11 permanent health-care jobs, when the $19 million clinic facility opens late next year.

Central City Concern anticipates at least 40,000 visits a year from low-income and homeless people.