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Health Officials Expect To Find Radiation From Japan In Portland

Oregon health officials say they expect to find radiation from Japan, when scientists finish analyzing data just collected in Portland. Washington already traced radiation back to Japan this week.

But the federal Environmental Protection Agency says those radiation levels are millions of times too low to pose a health risk. Late Tuesday, health officials were still working to identify whether radiation from Japan had reached Oregon.

State environmental health administrator Gail Shibley says scientists will probably find that some has.

Gail Shibley: “We would expect to see some type of miniscule detections. These are sensitive detectors – that’s what they do, that’s why they’re there – and frankly, I’d be surprised if there were no detections.”

The Oregon Health Authority is posting the data from the radiation monitoring stations on the state public health web site. It shows data from Portland, Corvallis and Eureka, California.


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