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Healthcare Act Ends 'Lifetime Limits' For 1.3 Million Oregonians

The nation’s new health reform law has ended “lifetime limits” for more than 1.3 million Oregonians, according to a new federal report.

Before the Affordable Healthcare Act, Americans with serious illnesses like cancer, were at risk of hitting a lifetime limit on the dollar amount their insurance company would cover. 

The majority of people never reach a “lifetime limit.” But the federal government estimates that nationwide, about 10 percent of cancer patients, for example, have hit that limit in the past.

Now, there’s no limit.

Governor John Kitzhaber’s health policy advisor, Mike Boneto, says the change affects those who have private insurance coverage.

“It really affects a large number of individuals who have private insurance coverage. I mean these are the individuals who have had significant medical bills and then they’re denied coverage due to their medical expenses. I think it’s safe to say that it’s really contrary to what the vast majority of Oregonians believe is fair and just.”

The policy change does create extra costs. But the law also requires all Americans to have health insurance, which the Obama Administration says will help cover those costs.

The U.S Supreme Court is due to hear oral arguments on challenges to the healthcare law later this month.

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