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Hillsboro Agrees To Cover Unexpected Baseball Stadium Costs

Parks commissioners in Hillsboro decided Tuesday to cover some unexpected cost overruns for a minor league baseball stadium that’s under construction. The ballpark is expected to be complete by mid-June, in time for the Hillsboro Hops’ first home game.

Commissioners approved spending $350,000 in system development charges – fees charged to developers – to cover the shortfall.

Mary Loftin, a spokeswoman for Hillsboro Parks and Recreation, said there were several unanticipated costs on the project.

“We came across a couple things early on – such as the presence of some unstable soils that had to be removed,” she said. “These were unexpected costs that came up. Since then, we’ve actually discovered there were a few things that we needed to take into consideration.”

Loftin said one of those additions is a safety net to keep fly balls from hitting people or cars along a street near the stadium.

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